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These lamb racks from Opal Farms in Australia are excellent. This is a farmer-owned program and they control everything in the life of the animal. That animal, is raised 100% in pasture and is allowed to roam around for all of its life. No additives, no hormones... nothing un-natural. 

Opal Valley delivers the highest quality without compromising the delicious sweet, yet mild taste of pasture fed lamb. That said, this is much gamier than our American lamb.


At Meat N' Bone we are BIG fans of American raised Lamb.  However, during the first half of the year 2021, there has been a lack of availability for high quality domestic lamb. This is expected to continue until the end of the year. As a result, we were forced to look for an alternative.

This search confirmed what we knew, we must have tried a good 20 programs of Australian Lamb and none of them came close to the quality of a Domestic Lamb Rack, particularly OUR domestic lamb rack. But we did love this program from Opal farms, one of the most prestigious and premium lamb programs from Australia.

So is this as good as our American Lamb? Nope, but its pretty good and for about half the price.


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