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Two grams of protein per stick - Spelt, Flax and Sesame

Flax seed, Sesame seeds, spelt and 100% whole grain wheat flour makes this is the perfect snack on their own or with healthy dip. TruGreek is here to bring you the most wholesome and authentic flavors all the way from Greece. Having partnered with small, artisan producers who put their heart and soul, known as ‘meraki’, into their craft, our treats use only the finest organic and non-gmo ingredients. TruGreek follows the traditional recipes inspired by our ancestors, inviting you on a delicious journey through unique flavors that are truly Greek!

Weight 7.05 Oz

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 Additional Info: 

GMO Free
This product has been certified GMO free.
Gut Friendly
Promotes a healthy microbiome.
Ancient Variety
This food is an ancient variety, the same as used thousands of years ago.