Apple Chips (6 pack)


Made by Rind


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Crispy, Crave-able, Thin-cut Sweet Red Apple Chips
Sweet, crisp and irresistible! Meet RIND Apple Chips -- Great as a snack on their own, amazingly versatile as a cocktail garnish, in dips & spreads or elevating a char'FRUIT'erie board.

RIND Apple Chips feature:

Just 1 Ingredient! 100% Sweet Fuji Apple
No added sugar, No sulfites or preservatives
Naturally Gluten-free, Paleo & Vegan
Non-GMO Verified + Star-K Kosher
USA Grown & Dried
100 Calories / Serving

Made by Rind

In the 1920s, before kale was cool, my great-grandmother, Helen Seitner, a passionate health food pioneer, opened her own natural foods store. The Stay-Well health shop carried all sorts of produce, flours, bulk seeds and nuts. She was ahead of her time in focusing on the power of whole foods. She refused to carry white flour in the store, only whole wheat. She’d purchase 100 pound bags of carrots for juicing and, most importantly, she insisted on letting nothing go to waste. It was this last piece of advice that left the greatest impression on me. She juiced daily, using only whole fruits and vegetables β€” roots, rinds, seeds and stems. I vividly remember her skin glowing orange from all the beta-carotene! I grew up seeing the benefits of her healthy lifestyle as she lived to nearly 100 and was full of vitality even later in life.

A century on, we honor Great Grandma's legacy with an authentic and wholesome snack she would've loved. Thank you for keeping it real with RIN

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