Aji Charapita Premium Gift Assortment


Made by Charapita Farms


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This is the ultimate Gift for the Chili Lover! This unique gift set contains 20gr/1.5oz (ca.60-90 peppers) of fresh Aji Charapitas in Deco Glass Jar, one 1.7oz bottle 100% pure natural Aji Charapita Pepper Sauce, a Charapita Cutney, a pure Aji Charapita Paste and a Charapita - Mango Hot Sauce!

Optional, the set also comes with a beautiful reversible Hot Pepper Apron, so everyone can see, that the Chef likes it hot!

Aji Charapita (Wild Peruvian Chili Pepper in English) is a very rare tropical pepper that originates in the Jungle of Peru and was thought to be extinct for over 50 years until it was rediscovered! With Scoville Units: 30000 – 50000 it is a very spicy pepper with a very distinguished delicious fruity flavor which is amazingly fresh and highly aromatic.

This pepper, known as one of the best tasting chilis in the world, is highly sought after and highly valued by Gourmet Chefs worldwide and is also called the most expensive pepper in the world. Chefs will pay up to $ 25.000 for a kilo of dried Charapitas.