Acorn-Fed 100% Ibérico Pork Loin Alta Expresión by COVAP (1 lb aprox.)


Made by Mariana Foods


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The 100% Iberian High Expression Acorn-fed Loin along with the 100% Iberian Acorn-fed Ham and the 100% Iberian Acorn-fed Shoulder, it is considered the most appreciated noble cut of the Iberian pig.

100% Iberico de bellota loin is subjected to traditional and long drying and curing processes (more than 80 days). Extremely flavorful. Paprika balances the intense flavor of the pork, adding a smokiness touch

Take it to your table and be surprised by a mixture of tradition and quality that results in an exceptional product.

It comes with an elegant packaging great for a present.


COVAP-Alta Expresion


100% Iberico pork acorn-fed loin, salt, paprika, garlic


1 lb approx.