A Journey of Salts (sampler)

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Natural unrefined Sea Salt harvest from a eco-protective region in Greece. Selection of four of the finest salts: 


Additional info:

Pure sea salt - The clean crystal grains of salt odyssey’s natural sea salt. No use chemical additives or processes that are present in common table salt, which make this salt your new everyday favorite. 

Smoked Sea Salt with Beechwood:  The 140 hours of natural cold processed salt with no additives or chemicals. Our most award winning salt that will enhance the aroma of any meal leaving it with a special smokey “bacon like” taste. Great for Vegan recipes as well. 

Pure Sea salt with Smoked Paprika: Our pure sea salt with the added spice of Smoked Paprika. If you like Avocado toast this salt is a must, along with chicken or even tofu.

Fleur de sel: Although it gets its name from the French “ fleur de sel”, which means “flower of salt” this 100% Greek eco-protective salt flake “Anthos” (Flower in Greek) is handled only by hand and it is the purest and the most delicious salt on the planet. This is salt, which is left at the very top of every salt harvest, and is only created by a sun-dried process. Professional chefs find this salt to be the “best of the best” and used in all types of recipes, from beginning to also finishing at the end  - enjoy the sophisticated salty flavor it will bring to your any recipe!