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This tonic combines powerful ingredients that support wholistic heart health and introduce a stunning (slightly spicy) flavor pallet that is as enjoyable as it is healthy.

Key Ingredients

Ceylon cinnamon - a powerful antioxidant that regulates blood pressure, reduces inflammation and promotes healthy brain function
Tamarind - antioxidant that promotes good cholesterol, and improves overall heart health
King Coconut Water - King Coconut, indigenous to Sri Lanka, contains 35% less sugar with 2x the electrolytes compared to the standard green coconut water used by all other coconut water brands in the US
Combined benefits:

Supports a healthy heart
Promotes a healthy liver
Helps regulate insulin
Acts as an anti-inflammatory

Made by ELIYA

It all started with a bike ride through the town of Nuwara Eliya, high up in the Sri Lankan mountains. Here we tasted our first King Coconut and learned of its superior taste and deep healing traditions. Known to the locals as the only coconut for drinking - we had to bring its beautiful flavor and rich nutritional value to the world.

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