12 Inch Enameled Paella Pan - Serves 4- (30 cm) by Garcima


Made by Mariana Foods


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This paella pan is made in Valencia, the paella birth place!

The 12 inch Enameled Steel Paella Pan (30 cm) serves 3 to 4 people. A goodĀ small pan that fits well overĀ mostĀ large stovetop burner. Enameled pans offer convenience and value, and they make delicious paella. Made of steel, they're coated with a black and white speckled enamel, so rusting will not be an issue.

The enamel also makes them a bit easier to clean, even if you've managed to get a good layer of socarrat (caramelized rice on the bottom of the pan). And we think you should!!






  • Hand wash
  • Easy care
  • It can be used in gas, wood and oven.
  • Used for paella and fideua


12 inch (30 cm)