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If you think of a tricked out Louisiana style hot sauce, with a bite like a rattlesnake, the Carolina Reaper pepper is no joke. Use this on eggs, warm sandwiches, or just drink it. CAROLINA REAPER. This product is in our small-batch lineup of 10X which means that its the same recipe as the original Carolina Reaper, but it has 10 times the peppers. THE HEAT IS NO JOKE.

Made by Double Take Salsa

Double Take Salsa exceeds expectations of salsa lovers. Our salsas and hot sauces are packed with flavor and have a bite to them. We pride ourselves in the high quality of fresh ingredients and the craft that goes into every product. Each jar of salsa and hot sauce has a complex recipe to create unique, rich, delicious flavors that cannot be forgotten. Once the heat kicks in, it will make you do a double take.

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