Our Story

It all started with freshly baked bread.

It all started at a restaurant in Philadelphia's Old City. The story goes like this:

The purpose of visiting the restaurant was the main courses they offer (and are known for), but the moment bread was offered to the table it became the main attraction. This restaurant (Fork) makes their own sourdough bread and they served it warm and freshly baked. The bread hit memories and feelings that were long forgotten, but extremely pleasant.

During that dinner, a decision was made to learn how to bake the same amazing "sourdough" bread.  Two weeks later and non-stop learning, this is what the first loaf looked like on a Sunday morning on October 22, 2017:

first bready by Emil

The most magical moment happened when the first bread came out of the oven, and the whole family immediately sat around the table with excitement. A moment where nothing else mattered and bread was enjoyed for what it is and what it represents. There's something very primal about the aroma of freshly baked bread.

first bread by Emil

After a couple of months of baking for the family, a loaf of bread was shared with neighbors in Key Biscayne, FL. Delivery was made the moment the bread came out of the oven on a Sunday morning, just in time for breakfast.  The neighbors reported the same experience: bread arrived, the aroma spread, and they enjoyed a beautiful meal together as a family.

It became apparent that bread and many other foods had lost touch with tradition, and that the excitement felt with bread was due to the experience.  Some foods simply don't belong on shelves at stores. Some foods don't belong in the complex supply chain of large food distributors. They shouldn't travel thousands of miles to get to the consumer. So the question of "How can we re-create real food" became a quest.  

With more awareness of the issue at hand and what is missing from our lives, and with the encouragement of family and friends, domaselo was born. The name was created by reflection of personal experiences and it became apparent that most amazing food is always closest to where it is made. This idea of creating food villages and encouraging local micro production of food that is treated with care and prepared with skill.  Food that is fresh and natural.