Home Baking

We started as home bakers and we know that bread is most special when baked at home, especially when the sourdough method is used.  It does require a big effort and a lot of time, but the satisfaction you get when you get the bread out of the oven is worth every minute. 

We first thought about creating videos and re-selling some of the required tools in order to make it simple for you to bake at home. But after further research we found that there are plenty of great videos for baking sourdough bread at home, and amazon already has all the tools in their store.  So we decided to just share with you our findings and get you started. 

We love the videos by Alex (French Guy Cooking) who's a famous youtube-er. 

Step 1: Make your Sourdough Starter

This is a critical step. Without a healthy and active starter, there won't be much excitement when you start baking. Take the time to follow the simple steps outlined in the video below.

Step 2: Learn how to manage your Sourdough Starter

This is an important step because you will most likely keep your starter for a very long time, and this video provides you with very simple steps for managing your starter. We at domaselo still work with the very first starter we made when we first started baking. 

Step 3: Make your very first Sourdough Bread

It could be a stressful experience when you first make sourdough bread because the dough is very hydrated (wet) as compared to other foods you might have baked.  Alex shows you the kneading process which you might find difficult but I urge you to keep trying, even if you mess it up. The good news is that even if you don't do much kneading, the end result will still be bread :), and it will still taste well. 

To make this amazing bread you will need the following:

1. Bread flour (by domaselo, click here)

2. Fine sea salt

3. Mixing bowl (6 or 8 qt)

4. Proofing Basket

5. Dough scraper

6. Scoring lame

7. Dutch oven

We'd love to hear from you so please share your success stories, failures, and anything in-between. Write to us at order@domaselo.com. If there's a need, we will record videos to answer your questions.