Health & Safety

While we've always had strict health & safety standards we've now made them even more so.  

As soon as any team member walk in to our facility, everyone checks temperature for fever symptoms.  We don't allow non employees to come inside our facility at the moment. It then follows by a mandatory thorough washing of hands.  We've also increased cleaning of all high-touch areas and equipment to eliminate any potential risk of spread, and sanitize every 1 to 2 hours.

Our end to end process involves four stages (making, baking, preparing, and delivery) and here's what we do for each stage:

1. Making

  • Our makers wash hands thoroughly after each activity they do. It is not practical nor necessary for them to wear gloves.  This is a process that was in place from day 1. 
  • In addition, makers wear hair nets and all white clothes for further protection. 

2. Baking

  • Our bakers wash hands thoroughly before they load bread to the oven, and before they unload the oven.  They sanitize all handles and equipment before each load.
  • In addition, bakers wear hair nets and all white clothes for further protection.

3. Preparing

  • Our order preparers wear face masks, gloves, and hair nets as they sort orders and prepare for delivery.

4. Delivery 

  • Our delivery personnel wears face masks and gloves, which they dispose after each and every delivery. While making deliveries, they hold the order in one hand and operate (open doors, ring bells, etc) with the other free hand.
  • Our deliveries are fully contactless. We stay in constant contact with our customers through sms/ text messaging and inform them of our arrival and delivery drop off. We only ring bells when the customer has a gate and we don't leave bread outside the gate :). 
  • Orders are placed in the safest area we can find, which is typically by the entrance door, or hung on the door handles. 


Look out for photos and videos of our process and team on social media! @domaselocom