Is the domaselo bread vegan (and vegetarian)?
Yes, all loaves are vegan (and vegeterian).  We make our bread only with flour, water, and salt (and the added ingredients for olive bread, walnut bread, etc...).

Can we slice the bread?
Yes we can. Just select this option when adding a loaf to your order. 

Is the domaselo bread "sourdough"?
Yes, all of our loaves are naturally leavened aka "sourdough". However, it doesn't mean that the bread is sour.  We actually believe that bread should not be sour and that's why we don't like to call it "sourdough". It is heavily misused word and has resulted in bakers adding chemicals to make the bread taste sour.  

What it should mean is that the rising agent was a sourdough (aka mother dough) instead of commercial yeast, and that's why we prefer to call it naturally leavened bread.

Loaf storage:

  • May be kept at room temperature for up to 5 days from baking (if you receive it with UPS, include days in transit)
  • To enjoy for longer, bread may be kept well wrapped and frozen
  • Breads should not be refrigerated
  • To serve from frozen, allow loaves to thaw at room temp and then refresh in 350 F oven

    Slicing tips:
    For best results, please use a quality serrated bread knife. Let the saw motion do most of the work. Back and forth without too much downward pressure.

    We recommend you slice as you go. It keeps the loaf solid, which protects it from drying. If you get on a roll and slice the whole loaf - or more than your guests eat - store slices in a plastic bag.

    Did you get the bread shipped via mail?
    Your domaselo bread may feel hard upon arrival, and that’s normal. We will show you how easy it is to get the bread to its fresh baked status with crispy crust and soft and moist crumb. Follow these steps:

      • Take the bread out of the bag. Frozen? Follow the instructions for frozen bread.
      • Preheat your oven to 350 degrees F
      • Heat a piece of the whole loaf in the oven for 15 minutes
      • Take out the loaf and let it rest for a few minutes to cool down
      • Enjoy amazing flavor and aroma of fresh baked-bread!

    Why we love to eat our own bread:
    Great bread is simple and flavorful. It is made from flour, water, and salt.  Bread that has a flavor that brings back memories and feelings that we can’t even remember (likely because the taste of bread is very deep in our DNA)! We love going on that journey with every bite we take.

    Why is our crust thicker and darker:
    Real (naturally leavened) bread goes through a longer fermentation process in order to develop properly. This process along with the baking method allows for a thicker and darker crust. When the dough ferments longer it makes the bread much easier to digest, and it helps create this tasty crust. To prevent the crust from becoming too hard to eat, please wrap your bread well so that it doesn’t get too dry. And if it does get dry, please follow the instruction on reviving dry bread included in this booklet.

    How do I get more of this great bread?
    We ship loaves all across the country. Visit www.domaselo.com to buy more. Call us with questions or orders at 305-306-6642 or email us at order@domaselo.com

    We love happy customers!
    At domaselo we guarantee satisfaction with our products. If you experience a problem with any of our products, customer service, shipping, or even if you just don’t like what you got, please let us know. We’ll do whatever it takes to make it right for you. Call us at 305-306-6642 or email us at order@domaselo.com