Delivery: How It Works

Please note that by default we will deliver your order the following day after receipt of your order. If you need your order for a different day, please indicate this in the delivery instructions as shown below.

Go to the cart page by clicking on the basket icon in the upper right corner. Then proceed to completing your order by clicking on "NEXT STEP - ENTER ADDRESS".

cart page
Then if you're not logged in you will see the screen to enter your address. Go ahead and enter your address and click Continue:
delivery address
Then you'll see the option for Local Delivery, and if you select it, you'll see the option to add Delivery Instructions. Please add any instructions you'd like (such as desired delivery time, gate access, place to leave order, etc).
delivery instructions
Once done, click on Continue to payment method and complete the order by filling out your payment method and clicking on Pay Now.
If you're already logged in, the website attempts to take you through an accelerated process which we cannot alter. It will take you to a pre-filled delivery address and straight to the payment page. We suggest you click at the bottom where it says "Return to Shipping" and it will bring you to the page with Local Delivery and Delivery Instructions.
If you want to change to Pick Up, then you can click on "change" next to your address at the top of the page.  Click on Pick Up and then continue to payment.