Buy a Bread, Share a Bread.

Friends and families have long enjoyed food together. Regular family dinners are unfortunately becoming less common, but holidays and special celebrations are a good reminder of how meaningful it is to sit down with loved ones. 

We at Domaselo firmly stand behind the fact that every meal we have should be enjoyed properly. That is why we have started an initiative we call: "Buy a Bread. Share a Bread".










We created this program in a way that allows you to share a loaf of bread with people in need. We've partnered with Feeding South Florida to provide fresh baked bread to underprivilaged young families in our community.

How does it work?

Every time you buy a loaf of bread from we will donate a loaf of bread to Feeding South Florida. 

But you might say, why do we do this? We can give you at least three important reasons:

Sharing Food Encourages Gratitude









With all the dishes laid out and all your favorite people sitting around the table, it's hard not to notice and appreciate the bounty of food and love. 

Sharing Food Is A Chance To Connect









While social media and texting give us more ways to communicate, there's no replacement for real-time conversation and bonding. Eating together is a means to socialize and enjoy others' company, especially those we love and care about.

Sharing Food Lets You Put Aside Work and Stress

When you eat alone, you might be tempted to work through dinner or to multitask on your phone. But when you eat as a group, it's much harder to pull out your laptop or device. Instead, you can take your mind off the day, relax, and be present with others. No agenda, no plans!

With this initiative, we aim to bring people closer together and to help people in need.

We look forward to sharing!