Pineapple Coconut Jam 9 Oz


Made by Gables Delight


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One of our favorites tropical flavors, this jam became more "famous" after Salt & Straw ice cream created a new ice cream with it.

SUGGESTED PAIRINGS: Simply with cookies, on a toast or filling a cake, a good pairing options is to have this jam on top of your grilled shrimps or even white fish.

Made by Gables Delight

Chef Almudena Gudiel was born in Madrid, Spain and grew up in France, near Lyon, surrounded by food and flavors, where she started making jams at a very young age.

She received her Culinary Degree in Miami in 2014.

In 2015, after working in a 5 star Hotel restaurant in Coral Gables, she decided to start her Artisan Business.

She now resides and works in Miami, Florida.

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