OMG Greek Olive + Black Truffle Tapenade Spread 80 grams


Made by Blis Foods


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OMG! Olive Truffle Tapenade Heaven - 80 grams

We bet you knew that best Green olives came from Greece and if you didn't know, then the Wolf of Wall Street will have to teach you (if you know, you know). But did you know that there are truffles in Greece? Did you know about this little secret? We admit it's still not as well known, but boy are they just as aromatic and amazing as those Italian and French. We promise you will be a big believer after the first taste of this amazing creation. The Greek green olives with aromatic black truffles is perfect over toasted bread, or over cheese and crackers. We like to mix this in our pasta or as a topping for pizza as well. Our farm to you partner was a former technology guru now turned truffle hunter. He learned a lot of his trade in Italy and with his adorable dog "Sasa" he goes out on the hunt, in the lush forests of Greece, finding the highest-quality truffles in the market. Interesting fact, truffles have been shown to contain high antioxidants like vitamin C, lycopene, gallic acid and homogentisic acid. El Greco de Olive Truffle awaits!

Made by Blis Foods

Blis Market began from an idea that we need to rebuild the broken system of our supermarket chains and food industry which were not only selling unhealthy products but lacked authentic flavors and deprived our bodies of the rich nutrients we need.
United by a need to change the future of food and people's well-being, a group of family farms, nutritional experts, chefs, and artisans banded together to form a seed-to-table cooperative that is now Blis Market.

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