OUTBACK BBQ- 8 UNITS (Pack of 2)


Made by The Good Crisp Company


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Outback BBQ might be a fan favorite at our HQ, (depends who you ask of course) but we can confirm it's on everyone's top list.

These chips are actually made with good ingredients (that you can pronounce) and come without the grease and guilt.

We love to hear from you, so let us know what you think!

Made by The Good Crisp Company

Our focus has always been creating great tasting snacks that everyone can enjoy. It took 2+ years to create the perfect chip that not only tasted amazing, was free of the top allergens but I also felt good about giving my kids. The current snack options were filled with junk and artificial ingredients and that simply wasn't good enough. 8 years later, it was time do to the same thing, but with Cheese Balls. We are proud to now have a family of Chips and Cheese Balls that we can put on our pantry shelf!

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