Manzanilla Olives by Aceitunas Losada


Made by Mariana Foods


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Aceitunas Losada bring heirloom Spanish olives from farm to table with 60 years of family tradition overseeing the full process from hand pruning and harvesting to curing and packaging in Carmona, Andalusia.

Manzanilla gets its name "little apple" due to its round spherical shape. Manzanilla is high in oil content making it very pleasant on the palate as well as containing all the nutritional elements of top-quality olive oil. It also favors digestion due to its low content in saturated fat. Manzanilla olives are typical of Seville, Andalusia and are known for their delicate flavor making them extremely popular for use in your favorite martini.

In natural brine curing, the Losada olives are brined in tanks within 24 hours of the harvest. The brine is simply sea salt and water along with small percentages of lactic, absorbic, and citric acid. Natural Brine curing takes 9-12 months of curing vs. 3 months with lye curing.


Aceitunas Losada


Plain Manzanilla Olives, Water and Salt, Lactic, Citric and Ascorbic Acids, Monosodium Glutamate.


In a glass jar
A healthy snack and a staple for tapas

6.9 oz/195 g-in a glass jar

Made by Mariana Foods

We are women, we are daughters, and we are mothers and friends, Spaniards and Americans. We love our country of origin, its people, traditions, the way of life with its endless table-talk (sobremesa) but above all this, we love the food from Spain. But we do love our country of adoption too, its diversity and immensity, its spirit and people and our friends who became family… That is why we want to share our roots through the food with you all, for your enjoyment, because we love our countries so much…. and food is love.

Thank you for your purchase & salud!

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