Wagyu Beef Osso Buco


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Osso Bucco is perhaps the most popular and yet unknown cut of beef. In fact, if you ask your kid to draw a piece of beef... he will most likely draw an Osso Bucco.

The Word Osso Buco translates to "Bone with a hole". It is Italy's most renowned braise.

This steak is one of the hardest working muscles in the steer. That said, the beef is wrapped around a bone that is full of marrow. That means, if you cook it right (low and slow) it is AMAZING!

You are looking for fall of the bone greatness, which means you will need to cook it to an internal temperature of 180 degrees. Do it right and you will achieve fall of the bone perfection...

Our wagyu Osso Buco is BIG. The smaller pieces will be 1-2 lbs. But that means you will be able to cook them to perfection without them drying out.

Osso Buco is great for stews, but there are MANY ways took this right. In Italy it is typically served with risotto alla milanese or polenta.

We work with what we consider to be the best Wagyu program in the US. This program processes a small amount of steers every week (140-175) which allows them to put care into every steer. These beef back ribs come from a mid sized family owned company that puts a lot of care into each cut.

We have compared this program to others from major chains and stores, and we find that it consistently tastes better and eats better. This may be because these animals are fed for longer and at a slower phase than what you will find with other wagyu brands. The genetics of their animals are superior as well they’re very selective with the bulls they use from Japan (Japanese Kuroge Tajima bull).

Made by Meat N' Bone

We focus on quality and consistency. Every product we offer has been curated by our expert team and meets the highest standards for quality.

We sell only high quality meats, sourced from the best programs in each category and each price point, all of our products have been selected for their quality and we stand behind it.

We started Meat N'Bone because there is nothing we enjoy more than a good piece of meat. Yet, finding affordable high quality meats is not an easy fit, the art of butchery is pretty much dead... Supermarket beef and butcher butcher shops, buy from the same suppliers that make it easy to operate (Sysco, GFS, etc...). Steakhouses can be awesome, but they are expensive.

At Meat N' Bone, every single product we offer is something we would eat, and serve our guests. Every summer, for years, our founders have been going to Michigan where our friends at Ferry Farms operate. There we grilled Michigan's finest beef by the lake... when summer was over and we came back to Miami we suffered from the lack of high quality beef. Its just not the same. the worst part? Ferry Farms is a dairy farm, and still they have better meat than most supermarkets and butchers!!!

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