Caramelized Almond Butter (Pack of 8)


Made by Crystal Nuts


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Our Caramelized Almond Butter is the perfect sweet spread. The ingredients we used are the key, Just Almonds, pure sugar cane and water. It contains no preservatives, & is gluten free. Our Caramelized Almonds are also great for snacking or dessert.

Made by Crystal Nuts

Back in early 1980ā€™s in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, Karla Bendeck learned from her cousin the art of making caramelized peanuts. Karlaā€™s Mom, Yolanda Bendeck, was a food vendor and asked Karla if selling caramelized and salted peanuts was a good idea. Yolanda and her three daughters started selling the product until it grew into a family business. This was how Crystal Peanuts was born.

After YolandaĀ“s passing, Cynthia Bendeck felt the need to revive her grandmotherĀ“s business vision, using the original recipe and creating a brand that offered a broad selection of flavored nuts.

CynthiaĀ“s culinary passion led her to create Crystal Nuts, establishing it in early 2018 in the city of Miami, Florida.

Crystal Nuts offers products that are prepared with love, care and passion so all families can enjoy a delicious and nutritious snack.

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