Coco Fine Foods

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Coco Fine Foods is an award-winning, modern, artisanal food company in South Florida. With a passion for local foods and tropical flavors, we are dedicated to sourcing fresh, sustainable produce wherever possible and selecting the finest quality of ingredients for our products.

Our seasonal jams are handcrafted in Mauviel copper preserving pans utilizing French methods which yield a more versatile, fruit-driven product. We combine traditional, natural preserving techniques with elements of modern gastronomy through a playful and thought-provoking fusion of flavor, texture and aromas.

Our exotic spices used in our jams are fragrant, heirloom varieties sourced directly from new-age artisanal farmers and boutique spice estates around the world.

We carefully select glass jars that are hand sealed and hand labeled with luxury estate papers so as to ensure an exceptional gift for host, to mark a special occasion or to simply enjoy and share at table.

Each element of Coco Fine Foods is considered and meticulous in detail, from the responsible sourcing of ingredients through to the thoughtful design and presentation of our products to our customers.