Dark Chocolate Greek Raisins


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Unique anti-oxidant power combination

Double the taste, double the anti-oxidants. This amazing combination of 70% dark chocolate with our unique Ancient variety of Black Corinthian Greek raisins are true indulge with good dose of health. Our lab tests have shown that these raisins come with 3x more anti-oxidants than a blueberry. How this possible? It all comes done to rich fertile soil of the Corinthian region of Greece, the untouched ancient grape variety ( the first grape) and drying process that does not diminish nutrients, unlike store bought raisins. In addition, we only use the highest quality cacao crafted in a way that brings out the delicate flavor of our ancient raisins, resulting in a robust texture and luxurious taste. Want to know how these raisins got mistakenly called currants? Follow us on Instagram and DM us the question and get Blis gift with the real story.


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Additional info:

High Antioxidant

This product is naturally high in health promoting antioxidants.

GMO Free

This product has been certified GMO free.

Immunity Boost

This product has immunity boosting properties.

No Pesticides

We've lab tested this food to ensure it's pesticide free.

Ancient Variety

This food is an ancient variety, the same as used thousands of years ago.