Blis Foods

Food with Story:

Blis Foods began from a vision of a family that had been in the olive oil business for over 60 years in Greece. Their idea was to bring farms and artisans together from Greece, Croatia and Italy to create a seed to table Co-op that focuses on Organic, Heirloom and Ancient variety of crops and authentic products.  This food partnership has now grown to over 30 Family businesses and artisans, who contribute to the Blis Family of brands, including; TruGreek, TruOlive, Salt Odyssey, Black Garlic Downvillage and Blis Foods. The Founder Rosa and Dan Lembessis seek to transform how we farm and make food, plus understand how it can nurture everyone. 

Blis-fully Green

Beyond creating this Food partnership Rosa and Dan, also seek to give back to nature by creating green initiatives. The first two major projects will be creating  “Bee Sanctuaries”, which is creating rooftop gardens in city centers, so that bees can harvest nectar from carefully selected flowers and herbs that help them thrive. The second initiative will be converting farms not only from conventional to organic, but all Blis Family farms will transition to regenerative practices that heal the soil, revive ecosystems, increase farmer wellbeing, and help balance the climate.