Watermelon Bubbles 24 bottles


Made by Just Water


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Try our perfectly bubbly, refreshing mineral-rich water sourced from Big Sky Montana and with a touch of real watermelon. No artificial flavoring, no preservatives, no added sugar.

When searching for a source for our effervescent mountain-spring water, our priorities were the same as when we founded the company: a pure, untouched mountain spring producing a lot of water. And we did it again. The Big Snowy Mountains of Montana, as the name suggests, are blanketed with snow throughout the winter. When that snowpack melts, it runs through 1200 feet of limestone to the site of our underground spring. Ninety million gallons of water collect there—each day. And we’re bringing a bit of that magic to you with Bubbles.

Made by Just Water

JUST was inspired by a young man's quest to do better. While learning to surf, a ten-year-old Jaden Smith saw a plastic bottle floating next to him in the water. Unable to shake the image of plastic polluting the Pacific, he decided to do something. What began as an introduction to the impact humans have on the environment became a Smith family obsession to do good.

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