African Bronze Honey

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Founders Paul & Liz lived in Zimbabwe for 8 amazing years. During that time, they met a Zambian-Canadian Ecopreneur named Dan that wanted to help one of the least developed areas of Africa. A vast remote forest in northwest Zambia, one of the last pristine forests of Africa that was steadily being deforested. The people that lived there were some of the poorest in the world. Dan had an idea… Forest beekeeping.

Honey from wild African bees, sustainably reared in traditionally made hives from renewable forest resources; hollow logs & sustainably harvested bark. They produced forest or ‘bush’ honey. Renowned throughout the continent as the healthiest and delicious of any food… forest honey, made from honeydew. Rich in antioxidants, polyphenols,  bioflavonoids and minerals, honeydew is a nectar only produced in forests… and it makes delicious honey.