challah with seeds sitting on a wood board made at janie's mill and sold on domaselo

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Hearty Holiday Challah by Janie's Mill

Emil Hristov

Because challah is an enriched dough with extra sweeteners and fat, the yeast has a really hard time activating. So you’ll do much better if you start by making a sponge starter to activate the yeast before mixing the dough. Sponge starters are often used in enriched doughs such as challah or brioche. Think of the sponge as an incubator for your yeast, a comfy place where it’s fed and kept warm to get a strong start.

Fall “Pumpkin” Sourdough Loaf by Janie's Mill

Emil Hristov

Ingredients 250 g active sourdough starter (or 2 grams dried yeast) 650-700g tepid water 660g Janie’s Mill High Protein Flour 440 g Janie’s Mill Red Fife Flour 25g fine sea salt

Whiskey and Rye Chocolate Chunk Cookies by Janie's Mill

Emil Hristov

Janie’s Light Rye and especially Dark Rye add deep, rich, spicy notes to anything, and are particularly wonderful in this chocolate chunk cookie recipe, adapted from a similar recipe in Bon Appetit. As with most chocolate chip cookies, these taste even better if you make them a day ahead of time and...

French Apple Cake from Janie's Mill

Emil Hristov

The lovely photo above is of the traditional French Apple Cake made by Pastry Chef Cati Molnar of Robert et Fils, a neighborhood restaurant in Chicago. It’s a simple recipe, typical of French provincial home cooking, and is delicious plain, or with crème fraîche, for breakfast or dessert, or any time at...