bucket of joi nut base on a table with granola

The JOI of Life in Nuts | Meet new Maker JOI

Emil Hristov

Domaselo celebrates our love of life, health, and the environment with our new Maker JOI. We are absolutely “nuts” over their Cashew and Almond based products available on our store.

JOI was founded by 3 former classmates who each had their own mission for developing plant-based milk and other food items from nuts. From Vegan diets to Dairy sensitivity to reducing the Carbon Footprint from milk wastes, the company was born. The mission has grown, and we all get to enJOI it 😊


As alternative milk products have gained popularity so has the transparency regarding purity, quality, and usability. Commonly, Almond Milk bought in a container at the grocery only contains around 2% almonds and the rest is water. This is a difficult metric to “digest” and results in lack of flavor and use cases for recipes at home in the kitchen.

JOI has seriously changed the game and responded to lack of almonds, (and cashews) flavor, nutritional ingredients and cost efficiency all in one simple product.

BonAppetite Healthyish Blog Contributor Aliza Abarbanel recently reported “that Healthyish editor Amanda Shapiro and I have tried way more than our fair share of nut milk concentrates over the years, and this one is infinitely creamier than the rest. The only ingredient is blanched, steam-pasteurized almonds or cashews; it’s basically like an unroasted, easily emulsified nut butter.” More here

Fact: 1 tub of JOI can yield up to 7 quarts of milk!

How do people feel about JOI?

JOI Partner Director Cristina Jimenez Krizlav is not only a company member, but she is also a long-time happy customer of the products just like the founding team. We asked Cristina how people feel about JOI?  “We feel joyful and we want to spread JOI to others! Eating food that is whole and nutritious and clean and keeping our families healthy just makes life better.”

Domalselo concurs with Cristina, this is for certain.

What are some common uses of these plant-based Almond and Cashew base products?

“JOI was initially designed to make whole made nut milk easy. By an astounding coincidence, Chefs realized JOI can be used in many recipes including Salad Dressings, Soups, Sauces, Baked Goods, Ice Cream, Yogurts and even Cocktails! We like to say just one ingredient: endless possibilities,” Cristina kindly offers.

What are you planning to create in the future or what is most in demand? What is on deck?

JOI, like most Domaselo makers is “sustainable” obsessed and is always striving to improve. They are 100% committed to an eco-friendly format and plan to upgrade the packaging to respond to the oath of making a better world. JOI to the world

Lastly, “SHOOSH” we have been tipped off our new favorite plant-based product company has some exciting news planned for April 2021! Stay tuned.

With love always where breaking bread never tasted so good,