Family with young kids and a white dog running and walking in a neighborhood

Positive impact on society by COVID-19

Emil Hristov

We’ve seen a fair amount of change in our lives since the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 as a pandemic. We’ve seen a change in how people spend their time and money, how people treat each other, and most importantly change in priorities. So, has COVID-19 been all bad news?  Or, has it provided us with an opportunity to take time off and rethink our lives that we would otherwise be too busy to do so?

family fun time

We wish that we didn’t have to deal with the fear of pandemic and getting seriously ill, and we wish that we voluntarily took this time off and reflected at our own will. The issue is that if we were off and the rest of the world was working at a fast pace, there would likely be demands that would cause distraction. This is a unique moment when adults and kids are all on an extended vacation, albeit with a lot of uncertainty. 

Here’s a list of my positive observations:

  • Neighborhood streets are filled with friends and families being together. It is an opportunity to meet your neighbors.
  • Families eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner together every single day (hopefully with a fresh loaf of bread). A true connection is built.
  • People are no longer in a rush when driving. 
  • People spend more time outdoors exercising and exploring (despite the limitations).
  • For adults, a realization that they don’t have to travel/ be away to get work done. 
  • For kids, a more custom paced education that allows them to fly through their easy subjects and take their time in other subjects (vs same pace for all classes at school).
  • Time for hobbies and other activities and doing more creative work.
  • And many more…

family dinner

I can keep on going with the list and fill a few pages. If I zoom in on any one of the points above I can find many additional positive outcomes. The goal is to take the time to reflect and be thankful for everything that we’re experiencing on a human level.  Focusing on all of the bad from the virus leads to anxiety and ultimately stress, and we have very little control over the outcome. By focusing on the positives we feel much more in control and we can explore the opportunities that we have at the moment.  

I have zero doubt that when we return to a more “normal” life over the next year or so, we will miss many of the positives that we’re enjoying now (and probably not valuing (yet) as much). It is my hope that this experience will change life for the better and put more focus on family and health. The tools and technologies that already exist will now be utilized much more and we’ll likely see accelerated innovation in many areas of our lives that will further support this new normal lifestyle.

I remain positive and confident that the world will be a better place after the pandemic ends when a successful vaccine is released.