What's Up Gran-Hola founder sisters in a green setting with granola in their hands sold on domaselo

Healthy can be fun and delicious. Meet What’s Up Gran-Hola.

Emil Hristov

Today we welcome the What’s Up Gran-Hola team to our family of growing makers who are committed to making healthy food accessible to everyone. We had the best time enjoying the enthusiasm of Co-Founder Maria Valentina who founded the delicious food company with younger sister Emiliana.

Here is their incredible story of entrepreneurship.

Where are you from? What is your background?

Maria Valentina and Emiliana are originally from Venezuela and both moved to South Florida a few years ago. They are both in their 20s with unique backgrounds, that when combined, form an incredible team positioned for success and deliciousness 😊.

After graduating Babson College, Maria worked at several Food Start Ups then dipped into the Real Estate market for a few years in the hustle and bustle of New York. She missed her family and the warm feel of the Latin community and decided to move to South Florida where Emiliana was just graduating college. Low and behold, Emiliana was already playing around in the kitchen. . .

Playing around in the kitchen commenced in the founding of What’s Up Gran-Hola. SHOP HERE TODAY!

Only one year ago, in February 2020, What’s Up Gran-Hola was born. Like most food service companies during the Pandemic, they evolved quickly with selling online.

Connecting with the customer emotionally comes easy to What’s Up Gran-Hola.

“My Sister is the mastermind. She is the face of the business,” Maria says with the most pride. “Emiliana went to school for music therapy, she is the creative. She uses this creativity to come up with the names and messages of our products.”

The Gran-Hola came first, they started selling at the Farmers Markets to friends and family before meeting domaselo, the leading platform for Artisan Makers to market and sell products digitally.

Is Health a personal mission? 

When the sisters moved to the United States, they took eating healthy for granted as back in Venezuela everything was homemade and simple. “We used to take our healthy food to school,” Maria shares. “Even in college I struggled a lot to find good healthy options.”

Emiliana went to college with a different mentality. She wanted to find healthy foods and promote a healthy lifestyle. She was and is on a fresh food mission.

“We like to focus on foods that are good for your body and taste good,” Maria shares.

What’s Up Gran-Hola brings together a simple mentality; things made in small batches with less modified ingredients and natural flavors.

Definition of Super Foods:

“A super food is something that you can incorporate into your daily routine that gives you a boost of energy and nutrition,” Maria shares. “It’s easier than it looks, something as simple as granola gets you there.”

Why domaselo?

“domaselo has a proven digital platform for selling fresh foods with easy and fast delivery,” says Maria. “It goes back to the reason as to why we started doing this in the first place, we want to keep things very Artisanal, and we want to be with people who stand for the same things.”












How do people feel when they have your food?

“We love to hear that people cannot believe it’s a healthy treat and can be so delicious,” she adds. “It’s what we really want to promote, healthy can be fun!”

Gran-Hola Butters-How did this happen? We love them!

The sisters wanted to introduce a new way to eat granola. Through tons of research and a long while of trials, the Butters came to market. Let the word be known, incredibly special ingredients come together in these gorgeous butters and they are kept under lock and key!

What are the plans for the future?

Maria shared they want to keep expanding the product line. “We want to keep growing and we want to keep letting people know what we are doing,” she kindly notes. “We are super focused on South Florida and want to have a stable presence here.”

What a story! domaselo is also a customer of What’s Up Gran-Hola and strongly urges anyone who has not tried the Butters, to do so and order today. They are amazing, secret sauce and all! SHOP WHAT'S UP GRAN-HOLA TODAY.

Thank you, Maria Valentina, you are terrific!