Gourmet Palates Rejoice. Blis Foods joins the Domaselo community

Gourmet Palates Rejoice. Blis Foods joins the Domaselo community

Emil Hristov

As simple as Salt, as sweet as Fig Jam, as exquisite as Black Garlic toppings, Domaselo welcomes a new Award-Winning Artisan, Blis Foods, to our growing family of fresh food makers.

Most would agree, the title is enough to make anyone hungry! Our latest Artisan is a perfect addition to our growing community of premium small batch producers creating products made with love and spectacular in flavor. 

"We love sharing the love of food," says Daniel Lembessis of Blis Foods. "Our Blis family in Greece includes more than 30 smaller family farms creating beautiful Artisan foods. Partnering with Miami-based Domaselo helps us spread the story of our foods and supports breathing life back into clean healthy eating."

Food is the center of life. Blis Foods looks at quality first based on four components: 

  • Minimal process
  • Authentic Better taste
  • As few ingredients as possible
  • Made by nature

So what's cooking? Let’s take a deeper dive into the new fresh foods now available at Domaselo! (We are so excited!)

Sea Salts: 

Is Sea Salt Better for you?
The Medical News Today reports “Sea salt comes from a natural source and contains other minerals, including: 
  • Magnesium
  • Calcium
  • Potassium

"Our salt is sourced from an Eco-protected region in Greece, surrounded by Water," offers Daniel. "Chefs select our salts not only because of flavor but a little goes a long way." 

Blis Foods  Salt brand  “Salt Odyssey, has won 42 awards to date, for their Salts including the coveted London "Chefs Food Taste awards" 3 out 3 stars accolade, 3 years in row. 

Sea Salt sprinkled on a prepared meal is the simplest thing that enhances any flavor! The crunchiness and robust texture upgrades any dish, albeit a sliced Tomato or main course.

Blis Foods Sea Salts are found here at Domaselo. 

Showcasing: Black Garlic


"The Black Garlic products are sourced in Greece and put into a low heated fermentation heat for 40 days, which creates incredible flavor and preserves releases nearly twice the anti-oxidants from white garlic," Daniel describes.  

We were also happy to learn that 90% of Black Garlic is absorbed by the body versus only 10% of commonly used White Garlic.

Are the Black Garlic products Vegan?
Vegans, we got it, there are some treats for you too! Black Garlic is produced by Blis in the form of a Paste or a Caviar and both are Vegan. Use it on Sandwiches, in Soups, Sauces, pair it with our most beloved Sourdough bread or just spread sparingly on vegetables for a light airy snack. Less is more. 

Black Garlic Caviar can be found here.

Other Tantalising Toppings and Spreads now available at Domaselo include flavorful jams and a traditional Greek spread.

"Our foods have a story; they are better for you," Daniel shares with us. We couldn't agree more!

Hint Hint: The Fig Jam is rumored to have become such a success at one venue a Chef was forced to sell it directly to patrons insisting on buying it for themselves!

Fig Jams
Spicy Pepper Spreads  

Shopping for Jam and Spreads? We have all listed here with details about each product.

As Domaselo continues to identify Artisans for our like-minded lovers of fresh foods, we plan to bring you more recipes, cooking classes and will continuously be collecting your thoughts on "how do you feel" when you have your favorite Domaselo foods? 

We feel our home is coming to your home and just want to keep you happy and healthy.

Until next time and welcome again to Blis Foods,