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Gables Delight is our continuous flavorful pleasure. Meet Energetic Maker Chef Almudena Gudiel.

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Award Winning Chef Almudena Gudiel was born in Madrid, Spain and grew up in France, near Lyon, surrounded by food and flavors, where she started making jams at a young age. She received her Culinary Degree in Miami in 2014 (where she now resides) after starting her adult life as an Accountant, then marrying and becoming a Mother. She has always been intrigued with the art of making beautiful foods.

“Foods bring people together,” says Chef Almudena.“Sharing and enjoying fresh food helps us communicate.”

domaselo is honored to have Gables Delight as part of our community as Chef Almudena clearly shares our ethos to the core. Breaking bread has never felt so good. Adding Jam made with love and artful care is an accessible utopia, hands down, for everyone.

Blueberry Lavender Jam

Let us learn more about one of Miami’s most highly regarded Artisan Makers.

In 2015, after working at a 5-star Hotel restaurant in Coral Gables, Chef decided to start her Artisan Business.​ Gables Delight was born.

When did you get the idea for Gables Delight?

“In Europe, fruits are seasonal and making jams and marmalades is quite common and a good way to naturally preserve fresh food,” says Chef Almudena.

She tells us, even as a child she did not like the grocery bought Jams, they were too sweet. Little did she know then what she would be doing now!

Communicating and listening helped to build Gables Delight. Almudena started out with 6 fresh fruit Jams and now to date has around 20 flavors give or take the season. By partnering with local Miami Chefs and being an active community member with other Artisans at the Farmers Markets, Almudena has been able to build her business with locally sourced fruits to include Mango, Guava and more.

Passion | Authenticity | Locally Sourced | Locally Sold | Locally Consumed

A recent review of Gables Delights matches everything we feel here at domaselo and why we love having Gables Delight as our one of our Makers!

“Read the back label on any jar of Gables Delight jams and you’ll see a deceptively simple ingredient list, but at first taste, you’ll understand these exceptional jams are anything but. Chef and founder of the most precious and thoughtful jam companies in the country, Gables Delight, Almudena Gudiel spent her formative years outside of Lyon, France, spending summers learning to preserve the season’s harvests into the jams, jellies, and marmalades,” posts Collab Lab Blog, Posted by Whitney Puent on February 25, 2021 

domaselo enjoyed asking this question and hearing the answer: “How do people feel when they have your Jam?”

“For me it’s the most important to communicate; people give you ideas, they share with you and its very nice!” shares Chef.

It’s easy to feel the passion behind her work and care for the customer experience.

Chef shares the story of her customers’ experience with us. Two ladies come to the market one day and one of the ladies loves jam whilst the other lady was honest claiming she did not like jam at all. Soon enough the second lady started buying the jam. “The best gift is people who never have had jam or liked it are enjoying mine because they taste the fruit,” she shares.

Gables Delight uses Cane Sugar as a preservative but in less quantity because the fruit has also its own sugar.

Award Winning time and time again. One taste and its easy to know why!

It’s no surprise to date, Gables Delight has been awarded a long list of honors for “Best in Class” fresh food:

  • The World’s Original Marmalade Awards, Artisan & Small Producer Category 2020, UK
  • Winners of International Flavor Awards in two categories: Guava Habanero and Raspberry Lychee 2020. Wisconsin
  • Good Food Award, CA – 2021 Finalist – Mango Passion Fruit
  • Good Food Award, CA – 2021 Winner – Guava Jam

Award Winning Jam

The domaselo community especially loves Guava Habanero Jam recently recognized with the following coverage by The Infatuation Miami “Another fantastic farmer’s market find this week: spicy guava habanero jam from Gables Delight. The local jam makers were at the Legion Park farmers market last Saturday and had all kinds of tasty-sounding things. (We also bought a raspberry/lychee jam). The guava habanero is definitely worth ordering if you just dropped your only jar of jam onto the floor and had to spend a whole afternoon scrubbing it off the floor. It’s sweet up front but leaves a lingering burn on your tongue that’ll wake you up in the morning. If you can’t find them at a farmers market, they sell their jams online too.”

What are you planning for the future?

Before sharing her future goals, Chef is keen to note her community support, dedication, and commitment to “Slow Food Miami.” A not for profit described as “Slow Food is an idea, a way of living and a way of eating. It is part of a global, grassroots movement with thousands of members in over 150 countries, which links the pleasure of food with a commitment to community and the environment.” She is a Slow Food 2019 Honoree Farm to Table Artisan and also a Les Dames d’Escoffier Miami Chapter Board Member.

Chef plans to expand the product offerings of Gables Delight.

We cannot wait for more from this Artisan Maker and will keep everyone posted, of course!

Love you Chef Almudena and thank you,