Crystal Nuts are truly divine.

Crystal Nuts are truly divine.

Karen Bertoli

We welcome Cynthia Bendeck of Crystal Nuts to our growing family of Makers today. Her powerful story will make you smile so please sit back, open some nuts, and enjoy.

Her story: “5 Months from Street Selling to a Commercial Kitchen.”

Cynthia was born and raised in Honduras, now a Miami resident, and like many other makers started her career on the grueling corporate track. She initially studied law and then ended up earning an MBA in International Business here in the United States.

She is warm, direct, full of positive energy and has a deep love for fate, friends, family, God and the divine.

In 2016, Cynthia lost her Grandmother in Honduras who made and sold caramelized peanuts that were immensely popular and profitable. The Peanut brand was good, so she decided to continue the legacy in Miami as a side job. She made the peanuts and started selling them immediately on the street in little bags for a fee. Truth.

In 2018, still on the path of a grueling corporate career, Cynthia was out interviewing for a new regular day job and suddenly, she sees in the parking lot a field of white tents.

She walks over and asks, “how can I sell nuts here?” She was directed to Aventura Mall. One week later she was set up selling caramelized peanuts.

Soon after, a long time Mentor suggested why not call yourself Crystal Nuts because you are going to do more than peanuts. Crystal Nuts was born.


Crystal Nuts recently joined domaselo and 17 other Miami-based brands in the coveted 2021 Foodboro list of Artisan makers.

"The Foodboro community of food and beverage manufacturers have included "Crystal Nuts" as 1 of the 17 best brands to consume in South Florida, along with others in growth, for their innovation in the market. Foodboro highlights the history behind the company, the products available and the originality of the same that make it worthy of being part of this list.” RUTA5HN reports 02/05/2021.

What is attractive to you about the domaselo community?

“You bake freshly and do not sell things sitting on a shelf for a long period of time,” offers Cynthia. “People want something freshly made with simple ingredients.”

Are you a trained Chef? Cynthia calls herself a Chef, as she went to Culinary School, cooking is her passionate and 90% of her time is spent in the kitchen. Fair enough! She even makes her own spices!

domaselo chooses you, Cynthia, and Crystal Nuts because of your dedication to fresh food and for delivering the best quality to customers.

So, tell us, what are your favorite flavors?

Chili and Lemon and Sugar Free –(SHE IS THE ONLY NUT COMPANY MAKING CARAMEL SUGAR FREE!) Her nuts are also Dairy Free, Gluten-Free and Vegan, its almost unbelievable but this is fact. Order here if you cannot wait until the end of this interview. 😊

Where are the nuts from? What about the spices?

Cynthia manufactures in Florida and sources at small batch farms around the United States including Macadamias from Hawaii and peanuts from North Carolina.

How do people feel when they have your food, what is the reaction?

“I always give them something fresh, they love it,” she shares. “Keto diets LOVE Crystal Nuts!” One customer thanked her for giving her child something she can eat and loves as her child is diabetic.

“Having the connection with my customer is the best thing,” says Cynthia. “I am friends with my customers and always listens to their ideas.” She has four products born from listening.

Any cool recipes? “Yes, I look forward to sharing my recipes for Pancakes, Chocolate Banana Muffins, Sugar Free Caramel Pecan Pie and other goodies with your recipe exchange very soon.” Thanks Cynthia!

What are the expansion plans for Crystal Nuts?

Cynthia has plans to add more nuts and dehydrated fruits. Stay tuned!

On behalf of domaselo and our thousands of community members, thank you Cynthia for sharing your American dream with us one nut at a time. You are terrific and your beautiful food is divine.