Guava crackers from Craize from Miami sitting on table with domaselo bag

CRAIZEy in love our new Miami-based Maker.

Emil Hristov

We are so happy to introduce Miami-based Craize to our growing family of natural food Makers. Self-pro-claimed and rightfully so, the “crackers of code,” these endlessly savory cracker tortillas give traditional food a run for their money and nutritional standing. Craize has pioneered the ancestral Latin “Arepa” into a versatile everyday cracker that is Vegan, Gluten-Free and Certified Kosher.

Just FYI: Merriam-Webster Dictionary Definition of Arepa in English is a usually grilled cornmeal cake served in Latin American cuisine.

Founded by Miami – based Leo Cotter, he is originally from Venezuela, where he stepped into the food industry in 1999 and immediately knew he had a mission, “the goal of making real food in the snack business.” After years of trying to achieve his goals in a compromised political environment, Leo came to the United States and the first Craize product was born May 2017.

“Creativity is the most important thing for Craize,” says Leo Cotter, Founder of Craize. Flavor and versatility make this product a leader in the re-imagining of the tortilla market. Enjoy Craize with French Cheese or even with Ice Cream.

Education: This is not a traditional tortilla or cracker commonly used by our friends in Mexico. The traditional tortilla is soaked in lime water and chemicals. Enough said here.

Craize preserves nutrients and packs the most powerful punch because they steam the corn used for their gorgeous products. We will thank them for life this is for certain. (Thank you Craize!)

“All Craize crackers are made in the company's Little River manufacturing plant and are gluten-free, kosher, and vegan. Where a flimsy cracker or frail tortilla chip may crumble upon scooping, a Craize cracker stands firm and carries a hint of sweetness.” Jesse Scott of Miami New Times reported December 2020

What do people say about Craize? How do they feel?

“Our customers love Craize, especially women, who appreciate a good for you product,” says Leo. “Our women customers are extremely connected with what they consume.”

Domaselo loves these sturdy thin scoopable tortilla crackers on their own for a snack or dipped in one of our healthy toppings from the Domaselo pantry. (Recently, our Head of Marketing created unique canapes at home with these sturdy lovable crackers adding pepper spread from another Maker and a sprinkling of nuts from yet another Maker, she seems pleased!)

What is next for Craize?

As the company continues to evolve, expect to see a new product to be announced around Q2 2021 along with an important certification to match already being Certified Kosher, Vegan and Gluten-free. We will save the secrets until then.

Thank you so much Leo and Craize, we are so happy to have you here!