Captured Forever with Maker Coco Fine Foods | WOW

Captured Forever with Maker Coco Fine Foods | WOW

Karen Bertoli

To say it is an honor to include Catherine Nolan, Founder of Coco Fine Foods, as part of the domaselo family is an understatement. The experience garnered from just one bite of her delightful creations in the form of Jam is tremendous. To be honest, it's extremely difficult to capture in words.

One taste and you are hooked. There is no return. This is the aromatherapy of food. Full stop.

No surprise here! Catherine is trained by Michelin Star Chefs in French Cuisine and Pastry as well as a practicing Psychotherapist. Her professional accolades speak for themselves in every tasty morsel of her products. However, after learning more about her story, it is now easy to see the creations come from the net sum (and still going) of her life “experiences” and collection of “feelings” which are literally heartfully represented in everything she creates.

Catherine is a modest self-proclaimed Cook as her respect for the rigorous process to become a Chef is enormous.

When did you get the idea to create Coco Fine Foods? How did it all happen?

She was raised traveling and having new unique experiences. The tradition of food in her home was and continues to be strong.

Catherine loves the Artisan Food culture as Artisans are “translating culture and art through the medium of food,” and “people are doing amazing things and have amazing stories, something is being communicated,” says Catherine. “I love going to the markets and engaging with customers.” Her psychological background allows her to appreciate the sensory elements of food hence her tagline “Memory and Emotion Captured in a Jar.”

So why Jam?

“The psychological world is so deeply complex. Jam is so beautifully simple,” shares Catherine. She gives full credit to her training with extraordinary Chefs which enabled her to develop the incredible flavor compositions of her products with absolutely zero preservatives.

She is focused on producing quality first and foremost and takes a great level of care in every single jar.

After all, communication is not complete without feedback as Coco Fine Foods communicates via food.

Any interesting recipes?

Coco Fine Foods Jams are wonderful paired with cheeses and cocktails (and of course Organic Sourdough Bread from domaselo!) Blueberry Violet Jam makes Happy Hour amazing with just a drop in Prosecco or a nice glass of Sparkling Wine. It is all about taking something so simple and making it special.

What are you planning next?

“I am looking to expand the product line as I have a great passion for spices and I only source from small artisanal farms,” she shares. “The influences of memory on food ” are the reasons she decided to explore this route she shares. Fueling this desire were travels to North Africa and the Middle East where meeting small batch producers and hand selecting their gorgeous spices is a wonderful experience. HINT HINT: The future may also hold, special sauces! (So exciting!)

How do people feel when they taste your products?

"They are surprised. People have a traditional notion of Jam," she shares. They are surprised at Coco Fine Foods products as they are modern, gastronomic and do not respond to the traditional notion. "The complexity of flavor makes them think and ponder. It gives them pause and they ponder the complexity."

The domaselo community absolutely loves Coco Fine Foods and pairs the Jam with our sourdough bread. We have some customers who also like to spread the Jam on sweet pastries baked by our own Chef. It is a match for life.

We absolutely adore you Catherine and Coco Fine Foods.

Always and forever,

domaselo xoxoxo