5 Reasons Why Local, Organic Food is the Best Choice for Everyone

5 Reasons Why Local, Organic Food is the Best Choice for Everyone

Eva Piperevska

In the past several years, there has been more and more emphasis on the word “organic.” But even though the USDA defines organic agriculture as “products using methods that preserve the environment and avoid most synthetic materials, such as pesticides and antibiotics.”, yet the buzz word “organic food” is mainly connected to a healthy life, wellness of consumers, general environment and local communities.

Here are five reasons why organic, locally produced food is the best food choice for you:


Greater nutritional value in produce

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When grown locally, crops are picked at their peak of ripeness. On the other hand, when grown conventionally, crops are harvested early to be shipped and distributed to retail stores. With that said, local organic plants take less time from the time they have been collected to the time they arrive at your table, which gives them much more nutritional value than the conventionally harvest crops. Same goes with locally made food. Most food bought from supermarkets is either frozen or filled with ingredients that will make it last longer until it arrives at your table. Locally made food is produced fresh and keeps its nutritional value within the short time that it takes to arrive at your home and your table.

Strengthening of community

Choosing local and organic food connects you to your community land through excellent farmers and food producers who grow or make your food! Also, purchasing from local sources allows you to have a direct, proactive role as a consumer. Not to mention, farmers markets on a lovely bright morning are great places to people watch and enjoy the company of other community members.
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Reduction of carbon

Local, organic food travels fewer miles to your table — approximately within a 100 to 225-mile radius. The food from grocery stores, however, goes much farther — around 13,000 more miles farther. More travel time means more energy and gasoline used. According to some statistic, it takes 435 fossil-fuel calories to fly a five calorie strawberry from Calif. to N.Y. Buying local will save these energy costs and valuable non-renewable resources. By shopping from Domaselo market, you will also have the chance to have your best locally made food delivery by eco-friendly cars - which reduces carbon usage even less.


Safer food supply

With fewer steps between getting your food on your home, there is a lowered risk of food contamination. Safety issues occur at harvesting, washing, shipping, and distribution of conventionally grown food. Getting local, organic food requires fewer steps along the way, thus reducing food safety risks!

Support for the local economy

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Money spent with local farmers, producers, and growers stays close to home and will most likely be reinvested with other businesses and services within your local community. Rather than sending money out to large corporate retail stores, try to keep your money in your local economy by shopping at farmer’s markets. By continuing funds within your community, you can help maintain jobs on the local level rather than benefitting centralized corporations. Also, there are so many great local businesses in Miami Area that need our support to spread the word about their unique products.

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