5 Different Types of Artisanal Bread

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It is known that authentic homemade bread has four main ingredients in them – wheat flour, yeast, salt, and water. In some cases, sourdough may be used instead of yeast as a leavening agent. 

Depending on their preferences, some people add different flavors like spices, herbs, nuts, fruit, and cheese. But what makes an Artisan bread different from ordinary food are the techniques used in making it.

5 Different Types of Artisanal Bread

Here are some different types of Artisanal Bread that you might like:

Country loaf

This round and crusty bread are perfect for creating a free bruschetta. You can toast it and enjoy any of your favorite ingredients. It is ideal for serving with dinner or lunch. Goes perfectly with foods with sauces, dried meats, and cheeses.


The word Ciabatta means slipper, and the bread derives its name from its shape. This is an Italian white bread that's generally used to make sandwiches. It looks humble, and it's moistened yet airy, delicious yet crusty and perfect for even the most discerning palates.

Walnut Cob

This bread can be defined as exceptional bread as it is a mix of dark rye flour, French flour, and malted flour. All these ingredients are used in the right proportion to create a malty-flavored bread that's full of walnuts. It is the perfect gourmet bread to add to a dinner or lunch spread.


This bread is dense bread that can be temperamental and demanding; no yeast is used to make this bread, and lactobacillus culture is used as a starter instead. When compared to yeast-based bread, sourdough has a very distinctive, sour and tangy taste, primarily because of the lactic acid that the lactobacilli produced.

Domaselo Bread

We make our bread very simple as we use only flour, salt, and water. By doing so, we want to bring simplicity in taste and make bread like the one our founders had many years ago. 

Sometimes we add olives or walnuts as flavor per request, because who doesn't like some different! 

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